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Car Key Duplication

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A car key is no longer just a way to start your car. In fact, the car key has become an extension of the vehicle these days, acting more like a computer than a car key. And that is because as technologies continue to get better, more and more conveniences can be built into your car key.

For example, you might want the ability to start your car remotely, which can be done through a modern key fob. If you live in a cold climate, this feature can come in very handy, allowing you to warm your vehicle before stepping foot inside it. On the other hand, you might be updating your vehicle’s software, and need a car key duplicated with the same updated software. This is common, as software features are updated all the time. 

But a car key isn’t just about fancy features either. Sure, duplicating a car key with updated features is a way to maintain a modern edge with your vehicle (not to mention, fun!), but there are also practical reasons for needing a car key copy made. Or, to take it even further, there are emergency reasons for car key duplication as well. 

Whatever your reason for looking to duplicate car keys near Ft Worth, Metroplex Locksmiths is a one-time call away from getting you taken care of, getting your car key duplicated, and getting you back on the road. And if you have never been in a situation before that required a car key duplication service, then you might have some questions. 

How much does car key duplication cost? Where is the closest duplicate car key maker near me? How long will I be without a key?  

These questions are valid, and should absolutely be considered when thinking about car key duplication. Luckily, the professionals at Metroplex Locksmith can answer them all for you.

Fast, Accurate Car Key Duplication Service in Ft Worth

Whatever your situation might be, we have your car key duplication needs covered in the Ft Worth areas. 

For example, do you need spare keys made for your import vehicle? Wondering where to get foreign car key replacement keys made quickly, without paying those high dealership prices? Need spare transponder keys, laser cut keys or an extra key fob for your Audi, VW, BMW, Jaguar, or Mercedes? We even duplicate car keys for Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and Maserati. 

Here at Metroplex Locksmith, we specialize in key cutting and car key duplication near Ft Worth for foreign cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Our professionals are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. But the thing that most of our customers appreciate is that we provide on-site and mobile car key duplication services throughout Ft Worth.

That’s right. We understand that getting a car key copied shouldn’t be a hassle or take a significant amount of time. And we know that when you’re wondering if there is a car key maker near me, then there is no reason to add extra stress. Face it, no one can afford to wait days or weeks for an appointment at their dealership — that’s why we respond quickly to all service requests. 

Our skilled automotive locksmith team can create premium-quality transponder keys, chip keys, and all types of domestic and foreign car keys in our full-service locksmith shop or from our mobile locksmith unit.

Simply put, if you have the time to schedule an appointment at our shop for car key duplicating, then we are happy to put you down in the books. But if you are stranded and need a car key copied immediately, we can be there for you. This is why our customers return to us for all their car key duplication needs. And, this doesn’t just mean individual drivers. 

Car Key Duplication for Dealerships 

Any car owner experiences a time when they are in need of duplicating their car keys. Dealerships are often overlooked when people think of this category, but the reality is that car dealerships need car key duplication all the time. Whether for an individual key, or for a set of keys for a fleet of vehicles, the professionals at Metroplex Locksmith can make it happen.

If you are an owner or affiliated with a car dealership in the Ft Worth areas, then consider reaching out to learn more about our car key duplication services for dealerships. We are happy to partner with car dealerships, keeping their line of keys in top order and up to date.

Domestic and Foreign Car Keys Made and Copied

The services we provide are expanded by the range of vehicles we can apply them to. And this range is beneficial to our customers, who can call us with just about any concern or need. For example, there are some customers who prefer to have an extra set of transponder keys and auto remotes because they share their vehicle with family members. 

On the other hand, an individual might want a duplicate car key because they use valet services often. And some customers simply want the peace of mind that comes with always having a backup key at the home or office.

So whatever the reason (or vehicle) that you need a car key duplicate, our fast key cutting and car key duplication services make it easy for you to have an extra set of keys for those times when you’re leaving your car for another driver, or you’d like everyone in your household to have a set of keys.

And because our prices are usually far lower than what you’ll pay for an additional key fob or set of transponder keys from your vehicle dealership, we often provide car key duplication services to new car owners who don’t want to pay inflated dealership prices. We replace domestic and foreign car keys for virtually all makes and models, and we also cut and duplicate motorcycle keys as well.

Lost Your Car Keys in the Ft Worthn Area?

At Metroplex Locksmith, we know that few things are more frustrating, and stressful than losing your transponder keys, auto remote, or laser cut keys.

If you’ve lost your keys, do yourself a favor and call us before you call for a tow. We have the specialized equipment, professional experience, and skills needed to originate and duplicate car keys for most vehicles, saving you the high costs and hassles of having your vehicle rekeyed at the dealership.

We make keys from scratch for most vehicles, and we can also create OEM-quality keys by code. Better yet, our car key locksmith prices are fair and transparent, so you don’t need to worry about paying more than you should for your new BMW keys, VW keys, Mercedes keys, or Range Rover keys.


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Reliable, OEM-Quality Keys

When you need high-quality duplicate car keys, laser cut keys, transponder keys, or an extra key fob for your premium foreign car, truck, van, or SUV call us here at Metroplex Locksmith. We make keys from scratch, supply, and program auto remotes and even cut keys by code for premium vehicles like BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and Land Rovers.

And because we’re confident you’ll love our services and our fair car key locksmith prices, we back all of our duplicate car keys with our industry-leading 30-day warranty. Remember, we offer on-site and mobile car key duplication throughout Ft Worthn, and we’re the specialists when it comes to cutting keys for imports.

We are proud to be the top name in the game when it comes to duplicating car keys, as well as many other services. Give us a call today, whether you are looking for car key duplication services for yourself, your family, or your dealership. We are ready to keep your vehicle up to date and keep you in motion.

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