Car Key Replacement

Have a Broken or Lost Car, Van, or Truck Key? Call Us Today

image of key cutters on one of our locksmith vans (top) and a selection of key fobs and remotes that we can program for you (bottom)

We can come to you and replace your lost or damaged car, van, and truck keys on site. Here you see some key cutters inside one of our locksmith vans (top) and a sampling of the types of key fobs, remotes, and transponder head keys that we can program for you (bottom).

A lost, or broken car key is nothing short of frustrating, and finding the right locksmith to replace it can give you a headache you don’t need. At Metroplex Locksmith we understand this better than anybody, especially in reference to car key replacement, and that’s why we offer the most reliable, well-trained, and up to date services to help you save time and money replacing one of the most valuable keys you own.

How Does Car Key Replacement Work?

In many cases, car key replacement means using machinery to craft a new key that is identical to your old one, but which will work correctly in place of the one that has broken. But these days many cars no longer use a traditional key. In their place, key fobs are becoming more and more popular for a variety of reasons, including their ability to work at a distance and start your vehicle with a single push of a button. And while key fobs are widely accepted and work nicely, they do have a downside, which is the fact that they need batteries to operate correctly. So, what happens when your key fob’s batteries die? At Metroplex Locksmith we can fix that too! Simply bring in your key fob and we will gladly change the battery for you.

Our Main Arlington, TX & Fort Worth, TX Automotive Locksmith  Services

At Metroplex Locksmith we specialize in a wide variety of services, including:

  • Lost key replacement
  • Remote head keys
  • Intelligent keys and smart keys
  • Car key replacement
  • Transponder key cutting
  • Car key copy
  • Lost car keys
  • Key fob replacement
  • Key fob programming
  • Key fob battery replacement
  • Car remotes

We specialize in all national and foreign car keys, including German models, including Infiniti car keys, Honda car keys, Toyota car keys, Nissan car keys, Chevrolet car keys, Saab Car keys, BMW car keys, Land Rover car keys, as well as car remotes, remote head keys, and much more!

Making Car Keys Requires Cutting Edge Technology

We believe that a job well done is a job that will keep our customers coming back when they are in need of new car keys, remotes, and auto locksmith services, which is why we use nothing but the highest quality car keys and key fobs, and to prove this we also extend a 30-day warranty on every job we perform.

Additionally, our techs will always be on top of the most recent technologies, including smart keys and car key programming. To this end, we make sure they are constantly training and updating their knowledge of their craft. At Metroplex Locksmith we only work with licensed and insured technicians, which means that, when you need auto locksmith services, you will get nothing but the best techs in the DFW area.

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At Metroplex Locksmith we understand that you may lose or break your car key at the most awkward times, which is why, aside from all our other services, we offer our exclusive mobile locksmith services. Our mobile service will bring everything you need for car key replacement or key fob reprogramming and anything else you may require, straight to your location. Our expert technicians will be happy to help you wherever you may be in the Arlington and DFW area, so you will never be left outstanding in the cold. You can also visit our store to check out our great selection of key fobs, remote controls, and much more. So don’t hesitate, if you need your car key replaced, give us a call today!