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    Key Fob Replacement

    As if it weren’t bad enough to lose your car key, you usually also lose the remote key fob that…

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  • dupl1

    Foreign and Domestic Car Key Duplication

    Metroplex Locksmith comes out to you wherever you are, unlocks your door, and makes you a new key. We believe that…

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  • Lockout Service

    Lockout Service

    Vehicle Unlocking for Lost Keys and Car Lockouts Losing your car keys can give you a whole new perspective about…

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  • aid1359038-v4-728px-Remove-a-Broken-Key-from-a-Car-Lock-Step-1

    Broken Car Key Removal

    You put your key in the lock and turn it only to hear a snap. Don’t stand waiting outside of…

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  • mercedes-benz_e350_2016_20151205_1800543795

    Mercedes/BMW key fob replacement

    At Metroplex Locksmith, we are committed to providing convenient, fast, and certified car key services. We work on a wide…

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  • 57d6ef6c0a328_file

    Rekey Car Door or Ignition Services

    Keep Your Car Secure with Our Locksmith Services in DFW Whether you have different keys for different doors or simply…

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  • Volvo Key Replacement

    Volvo Key Replacement

    Volvo Car Key Services In Arlington, TX! Are you locked out of your Volvo? Do you need a Volvo car…

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  • ecu1

    ECM,ECU,PCM programming

    Automotive Computer Reprograming Services! The automotive computer or engine management system computer has many functions and many uses. Also called…

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  • Lexus-ECU-Open

    Toyota and Lexus ECU Reflashing

    Early Toyota and Lexus vehicles operated a bit different from the later systems do.  There are lots of differences but…

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