Key Fob Replacement

As if it weren’t bad enough to lose your car key, you usually also lose the remote key fob that came with it. There goes your ability to unlock your doors remotely, set your car alarm, and even hit the panic button to find your car. Luckily, you don’t need a panic button. You just need to call Metroplex Locksmith. We provide mobile assistance and can cut you new keys and program a new keyless remote within minutes. You’re one call away from being back behind the wheel with a new set of keys.
Not all Dallas locksmiths deal with remote keys. They’re part of a lock system that relies on radio frequency signals, and programming them takes some experience and training. However, as the world of car locks changes, Metroplex Locksmith has kept right on changing with it. We now have years of experience fixing, resetting, and programming all sorts of remote key fobs, including keyless entry and remote ignition systems. Whatever model your car, rest assured that our certified locksmiths can replace your remote key promptly and professionally.

Did you know that calling us can save you over 50% on what you would pay your dealer to replace a remote key? Dealers don’t provide roadside assistance for remote key replacement, so they’ll charge you for the tow, a new key fob, and the necessary programming, all with a hefty mark-up. Save yourself time, money, and hassle by calling Metroplex Locksmith at 888-406-7751 for a free quote.

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